Giant Jungle Salamander

Large Salamanders inhabit much of the Jungles around Tal’Lushan. Though not knowingly hostile, they can be a danger to smaller creatures they step on. Also do not lick them, their skin excretes a hallucinogenic substance that can be harmful to mortals, and even fatal in concentrated doses.


Giant Preying Mantis

Giant Preying Mantis’s are a serious danger to travelers in Laosang Province. Despite their large size they can blend in to their environment and approach unobservant travelers without detection, and once within reach they can attack with their giant pincers, which are so razor sharp they can cut a man in two with one swipe.



Ghouls, or Corpse-Eaters as they are sometimes called, are gaunt, grey skinned humanoids with enlarged teeth and a savage disposition, and usually hunt in packs. They primarily live underground, in cave systems or deep within long abandoned ruins, but individual Ghouls have been found to live in cities, though generally preferring sparsely populated areas, such as cemeteries, or sewage networks. Contrary to common belief, Ghouls are not undead creatures, but academia is divided on the issue of their origin.

Some believe that Ghouls are a race of nocturnal or subterranean humanoids and hypothesize that they are as complex and cultured as any surface race is, with their own sets of traditions, beliefs and sense of community. However many believe that instead of an actual race, Ghouls are instead sufferers of some form of plague or disease, perhaps magic based, that twists and mutates the victim into the warped creature that is the Ghoul. These plague sufferers shun the light and dwell in the dark forgotten places to avoid persecution by normal people for the horrible disease that plagues them.

The truth however is unknown as for obvious reasons observing and studying these creatures in their natural habitat is too dangerous for all but the most dedicated academics, and most of those don’t usually return to share what they have learned.



Grunkins are either fictional creatures that parents use to scare their children into eating their supper, or alternatively a racist caricature version of Goblins, since the common description of a Grunkin is very similar to a Goblin, short, wiry creature, green tinted skin, big floppy ears, but with all the features accentuated to cause alarm and inspire fear and hatred towards Goblins.


Nymph (Water Elemental)

Nymphs are creatures composed almost entirely out of water that live in magical pools and lagoons and can ensnare unwary travelers or entice them off the beaten track to their doom. Other than this not much is known about Nymphs by the greater academic community.

Some however believe that the Nymph is actually a gestalt creature, made up of many smaller water spirits that combine together to form one distinct being, both for protection from a hostile environment and also to increase intelligence, situational awareness and perhaps even harness magical power. This theory, whilst popular, has yet to be proved, as it is known that Nymphs and other pure elementals are hostile to humans and prey on mortals.


Troll (Cave)

Trolls are large brutish creatures that dwell primarily in caves or underground, their bodies are covered in a thick fur that is tinted a shade of pale blue. Unlike ghouls, of which not much is known, Trolls are known to be very hostile, but believed to actually have some intelligence and live in small tribal groups with a very primitive form of culture, this can be inferred as several specimens have been observed to wear golden or other shiny metal adornments, and mark their skins with tribal symbols, perhaps noting a primitive for of hierarchical structure.