Tal'Lushan 2

The greatest of the Tal cities, Tal’Lushan is the capital of the region, a loosely aligned number of city states that have recently fallen under the control of the Imperial Realm, an Elven nation to the north past the Barrier Mountains. Tal’Lushan is home to Humans, Elves, Satori Orcs and many other racial groups from neighbouring regions.



Harbour 2

As a prosperous trade port the harbour is a vital area in Tal’Lushan, every day dozens of ships the world over arrive, their holds stocked with precious and exotic cargoes to sell in Tal’Lushan’s many market places, or to sell on to other merchants, who will take the products to even further places.


Uncles Shop

Uncles Shop 2

The Goblin known only as ‘Uncle’, adoptive father of both Kohta and Jun, has a small and messy shop in the trade district of Tal’Lushan, where he lives with his adopted children. The shop is ostensibly a junk and antique store, selling many fine and interesting objects gathered from all over the world. The store is also a front for the lucrative and illegal trade in magical artefacts and reagents.


Dark Elf Compound

Dark Elf Compound 2

The Dark Elves of Khali’s homeland have infiltrated the city of Tal’Lushan in force, and set up their operation in an old abandoned warehouse just off the waterfront, with easy access by foot or boat, the location is ideal for planning and launching raids on strategic sites throughout Tal’Lushan.


Mistress Shan’s

Mistress Shan 2

Mistress Shan’s is a Tea House and Geisha pleasure palace in the Heights district of Tal’Lushan. It is known for its high quality residence and excellent customer service. Mistress Shan herself guarantees that so long as they come in peace, all her customers’ needs will be satisfied.


The IronBreaker

IronBreaker 2

Recently arrived in Tal’Lushan Harbour, the Dwarven Ironclad IronBreaker is the flagship of a trading expedition sent to Tal’Lushan from the Dwarven Kingdoms, ostensibly to open diplomatic relations, but in reality as a show of force, demonstrating the power of their new ship, and with the intent of opening the city to trade.



Laosang Jungle

Laosang Jungle 2

A vast jungle that surrounds Tal’Lushan and the other Tal cities, it is the home of many a dangerous beast, some scattered human towns and villages and many, many dark secrets.


Ancient Ruins

Ancient Ruins 2

Mysterious ruins of an ancient civilisation lie deep within the Laosang Jungles, it is here that Khali led Kohta and his sword on her mysterious mission. Fortunately all three managed to survive the dark and twisted horrors in the tombs beneath the ruins, but what did they find down there?


Nymph Lagoon

Nymph Lagoon 2

A mystical pool that is the confluence of magical energies, this lagoon is made the home of a trio of Water Nymphs, whom Kohta meets when lost deep within the Laosang Jungle.


Gunju Village

Gunju Village 2

A small human village on the outskirts of the Laosang Jungle, several days up the coast from Tal’Lushan. The village is quite remote but connected to the rest of the of world by the ships that occasionally stop there, trading from the Tal cities, to the Imperial Realm and the Eastern Isles and to ports much further.