Primary Characters

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Kohta, son of Kor, is a Satori Orc hailing from the trade city of Tal’Lushan, though originally a refugee from the Eastern Islands he cares a great deal about his adopted home. Having grown up on tales of the heroic warrior Samurai of his homeland it has been his life’s dream to become one himself, though he has had a few problems following the way of the warrior.

He is strong and determined, but is overly naive in the realities of how the world actually works, and he has much to learn before he can be as great a Samurai as his legendary father.

Kohta is fiercely loyal his friends and family and will do anything for them, however whilst his traditional sense of right and wrong can put him at odds with others occasionally, he will always strive to do what’s best, and more importantly, good, for him and his people.

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Jun is a native of Tal’Lushan and Kohta’s adopted sister. When Uncle and Kohta first arrived in the port city as refugees Kohta struck up a friendship with the orphan girl and she eventually came to live with them in Uncle’s Shop, and in the years since has come to view the two easterners as her true family. Unlike Kohta she has had a keen interest in Uncles magical training and over the years has demonstrated a prodigious, if occasionally unpredictable skill at the arcane arts and is now a proficient magic user.

Whilst Jun is not as physically capable as her brother Kohta, she is by far his superior in magical ability, showing skills and talent that far surpasses her young age. That talent and growing power however has led her to become a bit arrogant when dealing with others. Jun believes she is right above all others, and whilst she is more accepting of the real world and it’s true grayness than Kohta is, she is also less likely to change her mind once it’s made, making her quite stubborn. Her magical power, rigid thinking and short temper make her a woman not to be crossed, but even so she is fiercely loyal to her adopted family and will do anything to protect them.

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Kohta wields a talking sword of mysterious origin. He and the others believe the affect to be the result of a magical spell, but others have questioned this considering the depth of personality the sword has shown.  Indeed the sword has shown itself to be a capable companion to Kohta, keeping him company, helping him out and indeed saving his life on several occasions.

Nevertheless the origins of the sword are a mystery, and it’s inability to even consider talking about them, makes it quite suspicious.

Also he/her/it has a fondness for Fire Seed Pastries.

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Uncle is a Forest Goblin who originally hails from a small Goblin Village nestled deep within the ancient woods of the Eastern Islands, but his long and eventful life led him to becoming an accomplished mage in the court of Emperor Shan, and a good personal friend of Lord Kor, father of Kohta. When the Shan dynasty fell Uncle was entrusted with the little Kohta as he fled the Eastern Islands with the other refugees, to care for the boy until his parents could join them, however unfortunately, they were never seen again.

In the meantime Uncle has done his best to raise Kohta in safety, but whilst he has tried to shepherd the boy into a safe but respectable life as a scholar or mage, his bed time stories of the great deeds of his father and Samurai ancestors only made the boy want to become a Samurai all the more.

A lifelong Scholar Uncle is fascinated by history and knowledge, almost to the point of blocking out the real world around him, but he is a kind hearted man, though somewhat more focused on his books and pursuit of knowledge than properly paying attention to the wayward adventures of young Kohta.

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The Nymph

The Nymph is a water elemental Kohta met deep within the Laosang Jungle after his short but eventful tenure as the Assassin Khali’s personal bodyguard. Originally though she sought to seduce and then devour the young Orc, he convinced her to free him, and eventually left the jungle to pursue him herself, having fallen in love with him.

Now reunited with her Orc lover in Tal’Lushan she has been accepted by his family, though she harbours a deep mistrust of the Sword, and it’s mysterious origins. Likewise as a creature of the wilds she will find that city life takes some getting used to, as her kind are feared by most mortal races, and rightly so as Kohta almost found out to his cost in the Jungle Lagoon.

However despite her predatory nature her fondness for Kohta has driven her this far and to be with him she has agreed to live by societies rules, how successful she will be, we have to see.

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Khali, of House Del’Yr, is a Dark Elf Assassin and the former master of Kohta. Though where she hails from is unknown she is currently active in the region around Tal’Lushan, carrying out dangerous missions, the goal of which are a mystery. It was on the orders of her mother that saw her and Kohta travel deep into the Laosang Jungles in search of a forgotten temple, and it is now on her orders that see her working against her own peoples efforts to destroy the city of Tal’Lushan, but for what reasons we do not yet know.

But for Khali she does not need a reason, for her, loyalty to family comes first above all, and she will do whatever her mother commands, despite whatever personal misgivings it might cause her.

Normally not an emotional or caring person (as her treatment of Kohta when he was her body guard has proven) she is exceptionally protective of her younger sister, Kya, and will flay the skin off the bones of anyone who might even think of trying to hurt her.



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Kya, of House Del’Yr, is an apprentice priestess and the younger sister of Khali, the assassin. A kind and bubbly young woman she is almost the polar opposite of her older sister. Where Khali is stern and uses violence to solve most of her problems, Kya is caring and much prefers to help people than hurt them. Her sheltered upbringing has led her to be a bit naive, but she is kindhearted and keen to know more about the outside world, and the peoples and places within it.

Kya has little to no martial skills, but as she is apprenticed to Kya’s old cleric friend Ankja, she is becoming more adept at casting healing and protection spells.

So far it is unknown how complicit she is in the questionable actions of both the Dark Elf Insurgency in Tal’Lushan, the Dark Elf society as a whole.

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Ror’Ken is Dark Elf rogue of no house in particular, though he is closely aligned to House Del’Yr, and the Cleric Ankja in particular.

An old friend of Khali and Ankja’s, Ror’Ken has had a hard life and as a result has developed a sociopathic personality. He’s not particularly evil, he just does as he likes, when he likes, and doesn’t much care when other people get hurt. His life is what is most important to him, with the second most important thing being keeping that life in as much luxury as is possible, and that is why he has hitched his future to that of Ankja and Khali.

Like most males in Dark Elf society Ror’Ken is treated as a second class citizen, however Ror’Ken doesn’t resent this as much as others, like Rakesh and Kha’Jan, do. Ror’Ken is actually perfectly happy being the boy toy of the noblewomen so long as it improves his odds of survival and improves his lifestyle. However despite that he often doesn’t think too far ahead, now being the only moment that Ror’Ken truly cares about, as a result he is often reckless and can at times be cruel, but his charm and good looks often make people overlook his less pleasant qualities.

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Ankja, of House Del’Yr, is a Dark Elven Cleric and childhood friend of Khali, the two being close as Ankja’s mother served under Khali’s mother as her personal handmaiden for many years. Despite her low birth Ankja has risen quickly through the ranks of the sisterhood through her faith and devotion to the belief in the superiority of the Dark Elven race.

This belief is core to Ankja’s personality, in her mind the Dark Elves are the strongest race and it is their destiny to rule over the world, and all those who reside in it. She is a firm believer in the Dark Elf expedition to Tal’Lushan and the surface and strongly believes in the righteousness of their cause.

However she is not blinded by hate, to her, superiority is as much about control as it is exceptionalism, the Dark Elves would not be the greatest race if they did not act like it, and as the greatest race it is their duty to help the lesser races, and if this should be done through conquering them to make them understand this, then so be it.

Despite her somewhat bigoted beliefs she is a dear friend to Khali and seemingly much loves Ror’Ken, despite his rogueish nature. Aswell as this she is a patient and understanding teacher to Kya, realising that whilst the sisterhood was not her first choice in terms of career, she could become a powerful priestess in her own right one day, and the best path to that goal is to let her come to it on her own terms, whilst offering guidance and kind reassurance.


Secondary Characters

Rakesh Banner


Rakesh is the commander of the Dark Elf Expedition to the surface, and tasked by the Dark Elven Council to destroy the city of Tal’Luhsan, through whatever means he deems necessary.

Rakesh is a calm and calculating commander, more adept at spycraft and political manipulation than physical prowess. He is not given over to strong headed emotional outbursts, but whilst he is as susceptible to arrogance and pride as any Dark Elf, he is not blind to the flaws themselves, and his ability to calmly look at a situation and the patience to out-wait his enemies has made him an accomplished strategist.

The fact that he has attained the rank of commander, not to mention command of the important Tal’Lushan Expedition, despite being a male, a state that is still actively oppressed in Dark Elven society, demonstrates his leadership skills, tactical thinking and the confidence the Council has in him. In fact there are some rumours that it was his close, some even say ‘personal’ ties to several of the council members is what earned him his command.

Rakesh’s motivations are at the moment are unknown, is he a patriot, like Ankja, firmly believing in the superiority of his race, despite how his society treats him? or does he have his own reasons for seeking command that he has not shared with others. Only time will tell.


Kha'jan Banner


Kha’Jan is Rakesh’s Spymaster, aswell as his most trusted, and some think, only friend.

Who Kha’Jan is, as suits his position, is a mystery, all that we know for certain is that he is unwavering in his loyalty to Rakesh and his goals, and is ruthlessly efficient in carrying out his orders and doing his utmost to see that they are fulfilled.

As such he seemingly has a great distrust of the Council Assassin Khali, despite being the daughter of the Council Member that first proposed the Tal’Lushan Expedition, and has vowed to keep a close eye on her to ensure she does not jeopardise the mission.

Lt Sorla Banner

Lt. Sorla

Sorla, of House Men’Kin, is a lifelong soldier who has defied her lowbirth to rise through the ranks of her household’s guard, and reached a prominent position as a member of Matron Men’Kin’s trusted inner circle. When the Tal’Lushan expedition was being created it was decided that while Rakesh would be in overall command of the insurgency, it would be Sorla, the experienced field commander, that would lead the strike force on it’s missions.

Choi Hyo-Sonn Banner 2

Choi Hyo-Sonn

A member of the Tal’Lushan city guard. She is the first daughter in her family, and the first of seven generations of her family not to work on the family fishing boat. She hated that life both because of the mundane existence that she hated, and the fact that she get sea sick very easily.

She joined the guard for a life of adventure, instead she spends most of her time breaking up fights between drunken fishermen and looking for pick pockets in the markets. She yearns for some excitement.

Bak-U Banner


A member of the city guard and Hyo-Sonn’s partner. U is the opposite of Hyo-Sonn, he is very laid back and enjoys the quiet and easy life of a city guardsmen. His main passions in life are food and enjoying the company of his best friend Hyo-Sonn.

Prince Malcolm

Prince Malcolm Dunkeld

Prince Malcolm Dunkeld, or if you prefer, His Royal Highness Malcolm Charles Henry Gustav of the House of Dunkeld, Duke of the Gate and Hair Apparent to the ancient Dwarven Kingdom of High Peak.

Malcolm is the third son of the Dwarven Queen of High Peak, one of the great dwarven lost kingdoms. Unlike his older brothers he was never groomed to inherit the throne and thus has mostly been left to his own devices. As is very soon apparent he relishes the simple pleasures of life, men, women, drink and food, he is not picky and finds his delights wherever he can. He is charming and polite but much prefers simpler and honest company to those of the court in which he was raised.

Is currently accompanying the IronBreaker shakedown cruise and trade mission on orders from his mother, both in the hopes that he matures somewhat and to better prepare him for a life as a proper prince.

Aside from his earthly pleasures his greatest interest lies in all things mechanical, he delights in working with machines of all types, and has a particular affinity for creating new technical marvels powered by steam technology. The IronBreaker for instance, is partly based on his designs.

Captain Gundersen Banner

Captain Gundersen

A captain in the Dwarven navy he was appointed to lead the IronBreaker Trade mission by the Queen of High Peak herself. He is a veteran of a dozen naval battles and has risen through the ranks of command despite his low birth. He is gruff to a point of rudeness but is admired by his peers and loved by his men, for his unparalleled war record and his sense of duty to his crew.

Whilst Prince Dunkeld is nominally in charge of the mission due to his princely rank and Lady Hellberg is the chief diplomat in charge of the negotiations Captain Gundersen is the true commander of the IronBreaker, and no-one is keen to challenge him on that.


Mistress Shan Banner

Mistress Shan

An Imperial Elf who moved to Tal’Lushan under mysterious circumstances. Worked her way into the circles of the local elite by opening the Tea House, a very respectable establishment serving drinks, entertainment and distractions to its wealthy and influential clientele. She is a gracious, kind and patient host, but when one of her girls, or her establishment is directly threatened she can show her quick and fierce temper, she is very protective of her staff and Tea House. Why she left the Imperial Realm is unknown, though she didn’t start this life as a Geisha Mistress. Is a known associate of Kohta.

Lota Banner

Lota Kekoa

Mistress Shan’s number two, she is an islander who moved to the city of Tal’Lushan with her younger sister and brother at a very young age. Several years ago she was recruited to the Tea House and worked her way into Mistress Shan’s upper circle. She is more assertive than Ari and less impulsive than Kumiko, though she loves Mistress Shan like her own mother and would do anything for her. She oversees the girls and the day to day running of the Tea House. She bears the blue tattoos of her parents faith, and her mother had intended she follow the path of the priestess, but she chafed under their tutelage and has run away to the Tea House, where she much more enjoys the freedoms that Mistress Shan offers.

Her younger sister works in the Tea House also, though as a musician and not a hostess.

Ari'Res Banner


Is one of Mistress Shan’s girls, but is also skilled in some of the scholarly arts and is studying to become a bureaucrat scholar, whilst working hard towards the Imperial Examination. In the meantime she’s works as a hostess for Mistress Shan and also sees of much of the administration, taxes and bribes required to operate the Tea House.

Kumiko Banner


One of Mistress Shan’s newer girls, she was born in the city to a refugee family from the Eastern Isles. Is particularly brash and impulsive, preferring to settle arguments through fighting rather than diplomacy she was apprenticed to the Tea House and Mistress Shan at the request of her parents. Mistress Shan has taken the rebellious younger woman under her wing and the Orc woman has softened somewhat after her time at the Tea House.

After the Red Guard incident and her particular… zeal, in dealing with the intruders, Mistress Shan has recognised her particular talents and appointed her head of the security for the Tea House.

Lota's Sister Banner

Nalani Kekoa

Younger sister of Lota, she works at the Tea House as a musician, though not as a hostess. Is quite close to her sister as they both fled from their overbearing parents together. Nalani is very skilled at playing the Guqin and other stringed instruments, she is also a talented singer. Lota is very keen for Nalani to follow Ari and become a scholar bureaucrat, so that she can lead a better life than her, but Nalani much prefers the Tea House to the possible intrigues of the Imperial Palace.

Boss Feng Banner

‘Boss’ Feng

A native of Tal’Lushan, Boss Feng was recruited into the Red Guard just over a decade ago, and worked his way up the ranks to be one of the leaders of their operations in the city of Tal’Lushan. His methods and devices are a little less… honourable than the image most Red Guards aspire to, but he gets the job done and keeps cash flowing into their coffers, so he’s given a lot of leeway by the command of the Red Guard.

Little Shen Banner

‘Little’ Shen

A mid rank mob enforcer for the Red Guards, works under Boss Feng, known both for his short stature and even shorter temper, apparently n-one uses his nickname to his face, not unless they want cut.

Big Shen Banner

‘Big’ Shen

‘Little’ Shen’s brother, not a very smart man but very large and very strong, and seemingly lacking in any conscience he does what his ‘little’ brother tells him too, and the meaner and nastier the order, the happier ‘Big’ Shen is.

Takeshi Banner


An old school Red Guard, little is known of Takeshi. He is one of ‘Little’ Shen’s crew, and is taciturn to a fault. Rumour in the Red Guard has it that he was a deserter from the final battles in the Shan rebellion, but no-one is brave enough to say it to his face. You leave him alone, and he’ll leave you alone.

Kim Banner


A new recruit to the Red Guard, local boy, not much older than recruiting age, basic dogsbody of the group he was picked by ‘Little’ Shen because he needed another grunt. Mostly doesn’t say much and sticks to the background most of the time. His seeming reluctance to get involved could show his apprehension at the actual kind of work the Red Guard get up to, or just his nervousness at messing up in front of his new Red Guard pals. First name unknown, simply referred to by his common surname.

Priestess Banner


A member of the Sisterhood of the Glorious Dawn, this priestess is a friend of Khali’s and once helped heal her from near death.

Nak'Nak Banner


A River Goblin guide in the employ of Master Alafano, once met by Kohta and Khali deep within the Laosang Jungle as they searched for the entrance to the hidden ruins.

Nymphs x3 Banner

The Nymphs

A trio of Nymphs that Kohta met in a magical lagoon deep within the Laosang Jungles. They tried to eat him.

Ayako Yoi Banner

Ayako Yoi

The girl from the village we keep meeting, immigrant from the eastern isles adopted as a child by local couple, now runs her adopted parents farm on the outskirts of the village.

Kim Jae-Ho Banner

Kim Jae-ho

The young owner of the local tavern of the village, known to be a bit of a skinflint and tight with money.

Samir Oda Banner

Samir Oda

A male smuggler/grafter who handles rare or exotic goods in Tal’Lushan, contacted by Khali when she was looking to procure a special item, is a known affiliate of Uncle, Jun and Kohta. A Hafu, the son of a Human Scholar who fled the Eastern Isles, and the Hhazi trader who saved his life.

Zufar Siddig Banner

Zufar Siddig

A Hhazi merchant who lives in Tal’Lushan and is known to be able to procure rare items, including special ingredients and substances from far away lands. A known associate of Uncle.

Master Gianni Alafano Banner

Apprentice Gianni Alafano

A mysterious human wizard from far away that Kohta and Khali met deep within the ancient ruins underneath the Laosang Jungles.