Hi there, so maybe you’re wondering what this comic is about, we’ll let me explain, but first of all the important bit.

First time readers should be warned that this comic contains adult content that is not suitable for minors, this includes adult language, violence, nudity and scenes of a sexual nature, as such this comic should not be read by anyone under 18 years old, or whatever age is suitable where you reside.

Anyway now that is out of the way, my name is Obhan, I write and draw this comic, it’s been going on for about two and a half years now and it’s based on the exploits of the main character, Kohta, son of Kor, the Orc Samurai, or at least wannabe Samurai. We follow him on his various misadventures as he tries to follow his goal of becoming a great and legendary warrior Samurai.

Of course things aren’t always that simple and his travels have led him down some dark paths, both literally and figuratively when he swore his allegiance to the dangerous Dark Elf assassin Khali, and got drawn into her mysterious mission deep into the Laosang Jungle, where our story begins, if you want to begin the comic at the beginning, you can start here, however I would warn you that the art and writing quality has improved a bit since then.

The comic itself was meant to explore a fictional fantasy world, one where there is magic and fantasy creatures like Orcs and Elves, but unlike the clear cut nature of good and evil in some settings things here are not so simple. In this world just because a person is an Orc does not determine their path in life, though being an Orc and all that entails will undoubtedly have an influence on them.

The inspiration for this comic comes from old school swords and sorcery movies like Conan the Barbarian, mixed with a little politics and gritty realism of shows like Game of Thrones and some of the High Fantasy of settings like The Lord of the Rings and Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

But anyway, enough of all that preamble, if you like reading about a hapless and pretty naive wannabe hero, his talking sword and murderous ex-girlfriend (sorta) and all the adventures they have, then please enjoy the comic 😀