Volume 1

The first volume of the comic introduces Kohta, the Orc Samurai from the Eastern Isles, and his Master, the mysterious Dark Elf Assassin Khali as they, together with  Kohta’s companion and weapon, the talking Sword, journey deep into the Laosang Jungles to the east of Tal’Lushan, in search of some abandoned temple ruins, and the dark secret they hold deep in their ancient tombs.


Chapter 01 – Introduction

Chapter 1 Excerpt

Here we meet our… heroes? for the first time as they journey through the deep jungles surrounding Tal’Lushan, towards a mysterious location.


Chapter 02 – The Darkness Below Part 1

Chapter 2 Excerpt

Our heroes have arrived at their destination, a mysterious set of ruins deep within the Laosang Jungle, all they need to do now is find a way inside.


Chapter 03 – The Darkness Below Part 2

Chapter 3 Excerpt

Kohta and Khali have found a way into the dark and oppressive tombs underneath the ancient jungle ruins, but what might be there waiting for them?


Chapter 04 – The Darkness Below Part 3

Chapter 4 Excerpt

Kohta and Khali rest for the night in the Tombs after surviving the horrors that dwell there, whilst others that are closing in make their own plans.


Chapter 05 – The Darkness Below Part 4

Chapter 5 Excerpt

The final chapter of the Darkness Below adventure, Kohta and Khali finally pierce the mysterious Chamber of the Kings, but what do they find there?


Chapter 06 – Lost

Chapter 6 Excerpt

Kohta, with the Sword as his only companion, is lost deep in the Laosang Jungle and must find a way out whilst evading its many dangers.


Chapter 07 – Beginnings

Chapter 7 Excerpt

Kohta has found his way to Gunju Village and from there he can take ship to anywhere he wants, but what does he want now?


Chapter 08 – Encroaching Darkness

Chapter 8 Excerpt

With Kohta on his new chosen path, we skip back to Khali to see if she found what she was looking for in the darkness below the ancient temple.


Volume 2

Kohta, after losing his Master, returns to the city in which he was raised, Tal’Lushan,  and to his family, his sister, the Lushani Human Jun, and his Uncle, the mysterious and wise, but overly cranky Goblin, known only as ‘Uncle’. Unbeknownst to him Khali has also survived their descent into the ancient temple ruins and has headed to Tal’Lushan herself to meet up with her comrades, who have dark plans of their own for the city.


Chapter 09 – … Where the Heart Is

Chapter 9 Excerpt

Kohta has returned to his home city, and discovers someone has missed him, and someone has followed him there…


Chapter 10 – Family

Chapter 10 Excerpt

Kohta and Khali are both now in Tal’Lushan, and both make some unexpected discoveries, both pleasant, and threatening.


Chapter 11 – Friends

Chapter 11 Excerpt

Kohta is settling back into his home life, whilst it’s time for Khali to properly tour the city with Kya, only both have unexpected encounters.


Chapter 12 – Mindwalker

Chapter 12 Excerpt

Uncle reveals his plan to discover what really happened in the Temple Ruins, and Khali discovers what the Dark Elves have planned for Tal’Lushan.


Chapter 13 – Honour

Chapter 13 Excerpt

Taking a day to walk the city Kohta and Jun’s generosity gets them drawn into an interesting dilemma, one that calls into question what Kohta believes.


Volume 3

The stage has been set, the plan has been laid out, the Dark Elves plan to destroy the city of Tal’Lushan through trickery, guile, and precision strikes to sow chaos and disorder. Kohta and his family are the only ones who can stand in their way, though they might have an unexpected ally in Khali, who has been given mysterious orders. Will our heroes save the city? or will it burn? This is the volume in which we find out.


Chapter 14 – IronBreaker

Chapter 14 Excerpt

The Dwarven Ironclad IronBreaker has arrived in Tal’Lushan, but the Dark Elves have nefarious plans for it, can Kohta and Jun save the day?


Chapter 15 – Friends Both Old And New

Chapter 15 Excerpt

A mysterious woman has saved Kohta from certain death, but who is she? and what does she want?


Chapter 16 – Right Place, Wrong Time…

Chapter 16 Excerpt

Kohta and his friends must attend a fancy pants party to stop an insidious Dark Elf Plot.


Chapter 17 – The Things We Do…

Chapter 17 Excerpt

Kohta must make some tough choices to help out the people he cares about.


Chapter 18 – Endgame

Chapter 18 Excerpt

The board is set, Kohta, and his allies must race against time to stop the Dark Elves final plan.


Chapter 19 – Consequences

Chapter 19 Excerpt

Kohta, still troubled by what he has done, must now face a terrible choice that could have dangerous consequences.


Chapter 20 – New Beginnings

With the battle for Tal’Lushan over, Kohta and his friends must now face the consequences for their actions.


Volume 4

Kohta and his friends have fled from Tal’Lushan after being accused of crimes that they… are almost entirely sure they didn’t do. They now find themselves in the more lawless border region between the Tal Cities and the Imperial Realm. Still hunted by the authorities for their supposed crimes, they must now find a new life for themselves now that they’ve been cast out of their home city.


Chapter 21 – Half-Orc

Kohta and pals must combat a terrible new threat, the Half-Orcs!… which may, or may not actually… exist.


Chapter 22 – No Good Deed

Whilst escorting the surviving villagers from their last adventure to safety, Kohta and his friends get a nasty surprise.