Hey Guys!

This post is to announce that this month I will be offering a little mini comic as a new reward for people who pledge $4 or more to my Patreon. The comic is set in the KTS world, and focuses on the sexy events that happened that one night during the last chapter between the Guardsmen Bak-U, the Guardswoman Choi and two lovely Elven ladies they happen to know.

This comic story is planned to be six pages long, but due to time constraints it’s had to be split into two parts, the first part will be offered as a comic reward this month, and the second part next month, each part is three pages long.

This comic will not further the plot in any real way, it is intended as a simple one off story where we get to enjoy some adult fun between some possibly overlooked and neglected secondary characters in the comic. If you cannot or don’t want to support my Patreon I completely understand, and do not worry.

You will not miss out on important main plot information by missing this mini comic, and nor do I have any plans right now to put this comic behind a pay wall. The comic will remain free to read for all, this is just a little extra comic story that works well as a Patreon reward. If it goes well it could become the basis for a series of one off random adult comics set in the greater KTS world, and I already have many ideas I want to try out.

So if you’d like to help support me and the KTS comic then you can check out my Patreon here, https://www.patreon.com/OBHAN, and if not then I hope you continue to enjoy the main comic 🙂