Hey Guys, hope everyones doing well.

I’m starting to try and uplift the art style of the comic at the beginning of this chapter, so if it looks odd for a couple of pages that’s just me working out the kinks. I’ve been practising our art style in the gallery images I make for a while now, and with the start of the new chapter I reckoned now would be a good time to try and uplift the art of the comic aswell.

Also I wanted to point out that this will be the last chapter of this volume of the webcomic (aside from a little short addon I’ve been planning) which sees the end of this little starting adventure for Kohta. But do not worry I will be continuing the webcomic and Kohta will continue to foul up his dreams of becoming a great Samurai adventurer in the next volume. I’ve been really enjoying making this webcomic and aside from a couple of hitches things have been going as planned, hopefully you’ve been enjoying it too. Volume 2 will focus more on individual chapters and smaller adventures for a while, to try and build up Kohta’s character more and introduce more of the world he lives in.

Anyway, again hope you’re all doing allright and thanks for listening.