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Hey guys, I’ve got an update on my Patreon page/account.

After a couple of months I’ve finally updated it and added in more pledge tiers, pledge rewards and a set of goals, short term and long, which I thought you guys might be interested in.

For pledging your support to me now on Patreon you can get rewards depending on how much you pledge. These rewards range from access to my Patreon Activity Feed, seeing KTS pages a day before they’re uploaded, or getting Hi-Res versions of gallery images and KTS comic pages.

As time goes on I’ll be adding in more pledge tiers and rewards, and new goals as older ones are met.

So if you like my work and would like to think about supporting me, and getting some cool free stuff as thanks, then maybe check it out at the link below :D

Also as a quick extra, since one of the pledge rewards is Hi-Res versions of all my gallery images in the last month (both SFW and NSFW) I’ve made a compilation image to show off samples of each of the images on offer, so if you like what you see below, pledge to my patreon account and you can get them all in beautiful Hi-Res, for just $3.00!