Woah, it has been way too long since I made a new post here.

Okay, updates!


As some of you have already noticed I have added in a bunch of new pages onto the site in the top menu bar, these provide some help navigating the site, like the Archive Page which contains links to each of the major chapters of the comic, or the About Page which outlines what the site/comic is all about, and the others help provide background information.

The Characters page fairly obviously outlines each of the major (i.e. named/speaking) characters that has so far appeared in the comic. Everyone is there, from Kohta and Khali to the two city guards and that Human Mage Kohta met in the Jungle Ruins, so if you ever see someone on the comic page and don’t know who it is, you can just flip to the characters page to find out more about them.

The Locations page contains some brief background information about the various sites of interest the comic has visited so far, and should be expanded soon as Kohta and his pals journey to new places.

The Factions page outlines the various major factions present in Laosang Province and Tal’Lushan in particular, each of the groups listed there has power and importance in the region and might hinder or aid Kohta and his friends as they try to save the city.

The Races page lists the various major civilisations that we have seen in the comic so far, from the different human and elven kingdoms to some of those we have not seen much of yet.

The Bestiary is a short page describing some of the beasties that we have seen in the pages of the comic so far, it is an actually surprisingly short page, which is disappointing, so rest assured we’ll be seeing more nasty creatures in the comic soon enough to help expand the list.

And finally there is an Extras page to include any content, like images, maps or even short comicsย that I make that are connected to the setting Kohta’s adventures are based in and help flesh out the world a bit more.

Also there is a Links page on the menu bar which contains links to my online galleries and other websites, including links to social media accounts.


Which reminds me, I have started accounts on Twitter and Tumblr, actually I started them a while ago to follow various artists and other people that I’m keen on and have recently decided to start uploading stuff there.

The Twitter account is located here,ย https://twitter.com/Obhan_Two, and is mainly used to announce status updates for the site, comic updates here, or any special announcements that need to be made quickly (like if the site goes down you can check there to hear what I’m doing about it or find out where the comic is being hosted in the meantime).

The Tumblr account is located here, http://obhan.tumblr.com/ย and isย good place for to upload any and all of the art that I oocasionally make aside from the comic, everything I make will be posted there, including SFW content that usually goes up on DA, NSFW content that goes up on HF aswell as sketches, WIP’s and Linearts that could include anything in between. So if you like our stuff and might like to see a bit more, you can check it out.


Anyway, that’s about it for now, I hope you guys are all doing well, and if you have any ideas for future site updates, or noticed anything I ballsed up, you can tell me in hte comments below, anyway, catch you later guys!