Hey Guys, hope you’re all enjoying the webcomic’s and gallery images I’ve been posting and you’re all doing fine. I’m starting to work my way out of this holding pattern I’ve been stuck in the last couple of months. Now I’m finally working on pages ahead of time it’s got me thinking of the future, and what I should do next, so I wanted to run something by you guys.

I’m wanting to be a professional freelance artist, to be able to do this work and nothing but this work and to earn enough money from it to live on. I’ve been reading webcomic’s and checking out online artists since I was a kid and I know that this is what I want to do.

I also know the odds, that even with the best effort it’s always a hard gig, and even if you manage it you’re never going to get rich. But that’s never bothered us, it really does not cost much to live my life and drawing and making comics is what I want to do.

However all this is still a ways off, I know it’ll be months, and probably years  before I’m in a position to earn enough to live on from this art gig. What I’m wanting to know from you guys is, what do you think I need to do to make our work something that you wouldn’t mind contributing to?

Things I can do to make our work better. I know there will be some obvious things, like improving our drawing and our writing (especially drawing) to a proper professional standard. But I’m interested to hear if there are other things, things like improving the presentation and layout of our webcomic websites, or if people would be interested in me making new webcomic’s, or prefer instead that I make more comic pages per week for my existing comics.

This is all what I’m wanting to hear from you guys and girls, I know it’ll be ages before I’m good enough to earn a living from this gig, but it’s something I’m working towards, and would really appreciate any advice on what to concentrate on improving on.

Anyway, cheers again guys, hope you’re all doing well and enjoying our comics, and I’ll catch you all on the flip side :D.