Hey Folks.

You may notice things look a little different, and here’s why.

So there I was, earlier today, with a free evening. I’d gotten tomorrow’s KTS page made well ahead of time, and figured I’d update the version of WordPress the site uses (I’d heard that if you used an outdated version it could more easily get hacked) so I went into my dashboard and did just that, nice and simple.

Only then I saw that ComicPress (the specific Theme/Plugin thing that turns WordPress into a great webcomic template) also had an update that was due, and I thought that since the main WordPress update was so painless, why not do the ComicPress one too?

So I did. And everything changed.

Suddenly all the comics were gone, the thumbnails for them had disappeared, the format of the site looked completely different, instead of the nice simple background colour there was some sort of grunge/industrial theme thing that was very dark and there were sidebars and rogue widgets everywhere.

So naturally I panicked, and started trying to reset everything back before the update, which I couldn’t do. But after a bit of hassle I found some of the instructions of the update and with some trial and error I reckon I’ve managed to return the site mostly back to what it looked like before, with a couple of minor changes.

So everything should be fine now, I even managed to save everyone’s comments (apart from on a couple of blog posts) and removed a couple of comic pages in the archive that had been duplicated for some reason. But if anyone finds a problem or something just comment and I’ll get to it straight away.

Apologies for any inconvenience/downtime caused, I’m gonna go chillout now and do something pointless and that is no threat to the site in any way possible, phew.