Well here we are everyone the first month of KTS is nearly over and so far there haven’t been any major cock ups :D

All through the month I’ve managed to make a new comic page upload every day so I know now that I can stick to a proper upload schedule and not miss any updates, which is something I hate when it happens to other webcomics and really wanted to avoid in our own work.

So now with a test month and the first two chapters behind our back I can get started on Chapter 3, where we follow Kohta and Kali as they descend into the depths on Kali’s mysterious mission and begin the new proper upload schedule.

The upload schedule for the webcomic will be three new comic pages every week, with uploads on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

This will lessen our workload a bit which should give us some time to take it easy for a couple of days (its been a really busy last couple of months) and then I can get started on working on our other projects, aswell as improving our style and working on the website.

So all in all its been a good month and I hope you all will stick around for many good months to come :D