So the story goes that about a year ago (400 days technically) I decided that this was what I wanted to do, draw cool and sexy stuff online, and make some cool webcomics. Only at the time I couldn’t draw, like at all, and never really had the patience to try. So I made myself a new rule, that I would upload a new image online to our gallery every day. That way I would try to improve and get better with every image I made, plus it got me into a routine I could stick with.

Anyway, just over a year on I reckon it’s done it’s job, I can now draw, I just now need to figure out how to draw well, and I’m thinking that daily upload rule is standing in the way of that.

As our art style has improved it’s taking longer to make each image, and to help that I’ve decided to drop the image a day upload rule thing with our galleries, to focus on making better images. I’ll still be uploading images to our galleries online, just less often.

Of course this doesn’t affect our webcomics at all, they will continue with their current upload rates. In fact now that I’ll have some spare time I should be able to make some changes I’ve had in mind for a while. Like uplifting the art style to my newer, more detailed/Manga like style, or make the interface changes on the sites, like adding banners, weblinks, background and information pages etc.

Anyway, so that’s my announcement, I’m hoping all you guys are doing fine and I’ll catch you in a couple of days once I’ve had some time to chill and do some things I’ve been putting off because of work, stuff like sleeping for instance 😛