Chapter 22 Page 24
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  1. Resari

    The plants in the last panel behind Kohta make it look like someone is giving his shoulders bunny ears :O

    • GroUser2907

      Ahh so that’s where Torg’s been all this time! 😛

  2. Vaasref

    Enthusiastically trying to get himself killed, Kohta is pulling up it’s A game it seems.

    • GroUser2907

      It’s good to know he’s back to his usual self 🙂

  3. Erica N.

    Oh man, if someone came up to me with a story like that, I’d be really bugged.
    I wouldn’t try to fight something like that, I’d just bug out.
    Hmm, I guess that guys friends were all buggered.
    This whole scenario sounds buggy to me.
    Khota should just tell this guy to bug off.

    • GroUser2907

      I can tell this has been bugging you for some time 😛

  4. ibnkola

    DO IT!
    …tomorrow 😀

    • GroUser2907

      Hehe, that meme is clearly just as inspiring today as it was when it was first released… like a thousand years ago 😛

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