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  1. Resari

    Kohta, what do -you- know of Honour? >_> what have you -done- that makes you have an idea what it is? You have na idea what you hope honour is, and you want to be a samurai from the stories, but it is clear that perhaps that is all they are; stories. Your people don’t seem to have the back story you claim they do either. Don’t go to someone’s home when they said they didn’t need your help, and get upset at them just because they challenge you on what you are doing here, you are only showing you have no leg to stand on in the defense of this honourable samurai dream you have.

  2. Charlemagne

    I’m guessing Honour instead of Honor is a British thing

    • GroUser2907

      Yeh that’s right, it’s weird how many english words WordPress keeps trying to correct me on. And misspelled words too of course, but I don’t mind being corrected on those.

  3. Mr Bunny

    Considering she keeps the girls off the streets, in a safe happy environment and has the well-being of her people in mind.

    …Quite abit more then you Kohta my young friend…
    Your sword may be abit of a prick, but have you ever presumed to ask him why he considers the actions of men folly, and why he mocks your honour so openly?…

    Oh the tales a blade could tell if it could speak, and yet you who has one refuse to ask the right questions and learn from the font of knowledge you hold in your hands.

  4. Aemi

    She knows more than you do Mr. PantiesInAKnot.

  5. Sally Seduction

    *sigh* I don’t get why Kohta is being so stubborn. After all, his sense of honor at the beginning caused him to basically be Khali’s sex toy.

    • GroUser2907

      Well that wasn’t just his sense of honour, but of loyalty to his new Master Khali, that and Khali is really hot :S

  6. Honestly, hes kinda being a kid here but I can understand his fury. One who sets their identity on a ideal tend to want to defend “it” when it reality they are defending them selves and personal desires to aspire to. ( please no hate mail >> )

    • GroUser2907

      No worries dude, everyone is entitled to their view and I’m not taking sides as to whether Kohta or Shan is right or wrong in this conversation.

      That’s something everyone has to work out for themselves.

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