Chapter 15 Page 20
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  1. Sarge_Buckwheat

    Poor mooks, just never get any poon do they?

    • GroUser2907

      Maybe if they tried really hard they could one day get the chance to become a main character, maybe then they’d get some fun 😀

  2. Honestly I can’t blame him for that. He most likely has to do this shit all day long, dealing with ass hats and working his tail to the bone. I can see him at a bar drinking nightly until he wakes up next to the girl he will love.

    • GroUser2907

      Actually no, this guy is as much of a douche as he appears to be :S

      He is a Dwarven Prince and second in line to the throne, he lives a life of luxury and sees little wrong with enjoying it. He is ostensibly on this ship to command the first trading mission into the eastern lands and personally oversee negotiations with the Imperial Realm on behalf of the Dwarven Kingdoms. In reality he is a workshy dilettante who was ordered onto this boat by the Queen, his mother, in a final desperate attempt by her to make him grow up and accept the responsibilities of his position, which is why Captain Gundersen (the hairy captain of the ship) has the authority to smack him around if he sees the need.

      However that said he never got to choose which family he was born into and kinda resents the responsibility and expectations that have been heaped onto him. In addition he isn’t actually a bad guy, he’s quite polite and very accepting of others and their faults, and he is quite a mechanical genius, for instance the IronBreaker ship that they are on is made from his designs, so he has that going for him at least.

      • Inuzuka

        I think Blaze was talking about Dwayne hating his job rather than the Prince.

        • GroUser2907

          What really? Oops, must’ve read that comment too quickly, sorry dude :S

          Yeh that pretty much sums up poor Private Dwaynes character and mood atm.

          • LOL its all good. I think we all know the prince is a dosh nugget from hell 😛

          • GroUser2907

            Hehe, cool man, and yeh, he’s not starting off as the most lovable character 😛

  3. poncho

    he may be called Private Dwayne but i’m sure with a job like that his nick name must be Private Blue Balls by this point in time, after all hearing all those noises coming from the room, hearing many women begging to be ravished and pleasured. its really got to be hard on the poor guy, and i’m sure that metal codpiece can’t feel too good when he starts thinking of the possibilities with those lovely women. though i’m sure it makes for great comedy relief for the others to hear a ‘tink’ sound and watch him buckle over for a second.

  4. Resari

    Silly Prince :O

  5. Koripec

    Nice to see new part ^^

    Hmm…Prince is quite tall for a dwarf

    • GroUser2907

      Could be that the girls are bending over a little… 😛

      • Koripec


        BTW: Even if VampiretheMasquerade system is very dark (like you said in our last talk), there is a vampires there who are without doubts can be qualified as neutral good

        • GroUser2907

          Well she certainly seems like a nice young lady 😀

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