Chapter 21 Page 100
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  1. lena

    Kohta, the villagers are scared and tired and YOU. SUGGEST. TO. GO. HUNTING. GRAY. ORCS?! Idiot! Go by yourself, if you like.

    • GroUser2907

      Oh sorry, I might not have made it clear on the page, it’s just Kohta and his little clique of friends visible on the page now talking and which Kohta intends to lead to their doom, the surviving villagers are off packing up their possessions to leave this burnt ruin of a town… that Kohta accidentally burnt and ruined.

      Well aside from the villagers that died in the town… or the ones that were carried off by said gray orcs… yeh… 🙁

  2. In Kohta’s mind:

    • GroUser2907

      Hehe… okay, just because they’ve both got green skin, it doesn’t mean they all think the same dude 😛

  3. SpectralTime

    She really is a good influence on him, huh?

    …Where’s her other half?

    • GroUser2907

      She’s just looking to cheer him up, she probably knew how keen he was to rush into certain doom 😀

      As for Haoqi, she’s been absorbed back into Ai, she’s not strong enough to sustain her own individual form for long yet, and she was likely worn out by all the fighting and… other activities she was engaged in this evening 🙂

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