Chapter 23.5 Page 01
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  1. Hazmat

    I’ve noticed you’ve been putting A LOT of work into making faces more unique. Kudos!

    • GroUser2907

      Thanks dude!

      Yeh It’s been a bit of an ongoing process, and they are veering much more Manga like than before, but I think they’re looking better πŸ˜€

  2. sir thane

    huh i thought it would be a christmas special but it would be a continuation to kohta kidnap then does that mean the next chapter be a time skip? anyway love kohta the samurai hope u have a good christmas

    • sir thane

      also like the new character design for jun. I think that’s her name maybe I should re-read again also why is this comic not on the top100 comic list?

      • GroUser2907

        Hehe, it’s all politics man πŸ˜›

        And thanks again! Yeh, redesigning her was fun, though I’m thinking I was a little… off, with Malcolm, he;s supposed to look young, but here he looks like a Dwarven child πŸ™

    • GroUser2907

      Cheers man, and I hope you have a great Christmas too!

      Yeh the new proper chapter will start in January, but there’s going to be some changes to the comic that need to be set up first so they don’t come completely out of the blue. But don’t worry there won’t be a big time skip, times already jumped forward a couple of days since the last chapter we saw our… heroes?, and the next one will only be a few hours after this one ends.

      But there is a special Christmas page/image planned, which I hope everyone will enjoy πŸ™‚

  3. lena

    Jun MODIFICATED herself and Malcolm? He looks like 10 years old human boy here.

    • GroUser2907

      Hehe, yeh I was just saying in the previous comment πŸ™

      I think Jun’s new design turned out well, I think I’m narrowing down how her hair looks, but as for Malcolm… yeh, he looks way too young here, I’ll try to fix that for the next page, sorry dude :S

      • lena

        Can Jun change hair/skin/eye colour of person? We know she is witch/mage and stuff, but can she do a compete look change/modification? Or she needs potions for that?

        • GroUser2907

          She could… but… it’s a little complicated.

          To put it simply, there are a mix of spells and potions which can offer a wide variety of body modification, from cosmetic stuff like hair colour or eye colour, to serious manipulation like making someone taller or wider and so on. However Jun was never introduced to those kind of spells by Uncle for three very important reasons,

          1. He’s a curmudgeonly old man who doesn’t believe magic should be used for such frivolities πŸ˜›
          2. Teaching a teenage girl how to alter and manipulate her physical characteristics and body shape at will (and co-incidentally, those of other peoples) is probably a bad idea.
          3. And it’s also a very bad idea considering a… condition that Jun has and Uncle knows about and has been trying to help her control, but more on that later.

  4. GibberingMouther

    Looks to me like they got 2 choices. Either be sneaky and creep their way over the wall, pop khota and the sword free, then walk out through the front door. The other option involves having Jun breach the front gate at about 0300 hrs, they storm in grab Khota and the sword, then leave through the front where hopefully Jun can collapse the entrance.

    • GroUser2907

      Those are both very good suggestions, the first one might not be playing to their talents, since neither of these guys are very stealthy, but the second one certainly plays to their strengths, and in fact Jun has used that tactic successfully several times before.

      But that plan itself has it’s own issues, which we might hear about in the next page… πŸ™‚

  5. kentonjen

    I know this is unrelated to the page, but i have to say that your dark elves were an inspiration to an alien race I’m working on for my story Dark Times. They’re called Alfarians and are a race of space elves from the center of the galaxy and were allies to the Empire of Man (no relations to the Warhammer subject) before the Dark Age of Space that ruptured the galaxy and sent the known universe crumbling into an era of feudalism, mysticism, and religious fanaticism. like your dark elves, the Alfarians have light-purple, or dark-blue, skin, pointy ears, silver hair, and violet eyes. However, they’re not a major antagonists and aren’t entirely as manipulative and unscrupulous as the Dark Elf Insurgency. they also look like the Drows from Drowtales.

    Sorry about the rambling and long paragraph. I have a habit of putting things into detail when explaining stuff.

    • GroUser2907

      Sounds like a cool idea for a race dude!

      There’s something about having Elves, but in space, make for an interesting setting, like the Vulcans in Star Trek or the Drowtales Space Age comic πŸ˜€

      Anyway I hope your story goes well dude πŸ™‚

  6. Resari

    I like the design on Jun πŸ˜€ but Malcolm might need to look a bit older

    • GroUser2907

      Thanks, hehe and yeh that seems to be the consensus, I’ll have to make sure more of him is shown in the next couple of pages, the fact his head is just popping into view at the bottom corner of the panel might make him look even more childlike than he is, like he’s stepping on his toes to see πŸ˜›

  7. DoNutInMyPants

    Well Jun could just blow a huge wall with some magic. That always seems to work. Well not always.

    • GroUser2907

      Ahh but they’ve accounted for that possibility, the barrier of the barracks is actually… double walled!

      By the time she’s expended her energy blasting through the first wall, the archers on the second wall will have turned her into a pin cushion.

      These guys have some experience tackling rogue mages, after all, this is where they take them πŸ™

  8. Sulux

    Malcolm needs his goatee back

    • GroUser2907

      It is the source of his power… and at the same time doesn’t make him look like a child πŸ™

  9. Jack419

    Jesus, just started reading the series and so glad I did. Just thought that this was another average porno, but got hooked into the story. Caught up to the last updated chapter, yet I still don’t know a few if character’s names. Still learning them, any how wanted to say I’ve been enjoying the series so far and hoping it goes on a little longer, but knowing how long it’s been since the first chapter, it might be coming to an end (correct me if I’m wrong), yet again it’s been a really great series so far!

    • GroUser2907

      Wow dude you’ve read through the entire archive? I’m always amazed when people can do that, you deserve some sort of medal πŸ˜€

      Uhh no the comic is not coming to an end, but it is coming to a sort of reset/restart. I’ve been making the comic for a long time now and have slowly realised it’s not as well structured and paced as I’d have liked, so I’m planning to make some changes to address that when the next chapter starts in January.

      I hope you’ll enjoy what’s to come as much as you’ve enjoyed the archive πŸ™‚

  10. Jack419

    Oh also, ik ik bit odd, but if this hasn’t been asked before…. when the hell is Jun going settle down! The girl keeps jumping between sex partners, at this point just seems like she’s going to be single the rest of her life lol.

    • GroUser2907

      Hehe, oh no don’t worry I don’t think that’s been asked before.

      Unfortunately Jun is… uhh not the kind of girl that really wants to be tied down, at least at the moment, she’s still is only about 19 years old or so, so she might be forgiven for being a little… restless πŸ˜›

      Kohta on the other hand has an entirely different problem. He’s the one who wants to settle down, to have a proper relationship and even family, the whole nine yards, it’s just he hasn’t had much success with his previous girlfriends πŸ™

  11. Oblivious

    Malcolm’s new look…OMG is that comic will change into shota one???

    • GroUser2907

      Oh god no!

      Do not worry, there is zero chance of that πŸ˜›

      He’s just looking a little younger than he’s supposed to here, he’ll be aged up properly in the next page πŸ™‚

      • Just say it was Jun’s magic spell mishap amd she accidentally did that to him!
        Best cover up for anything! πŸ˜…

        • GroUser2907

          Hehe, yeh a ‘mishap’ that she turned him prepubescent just to annoy him? well yeh that’d do it.

  12. DoNutInMyPants

    Set the whole place on fire then.

    • GroUser2907

      Well that’s always a handy backup plan to have in their back pockets πŸ˜€

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